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It’s May in Texas. Starting to warm up nicely. My wife and I have our third baby due in 2 weeks. And I’ve got an olympic-distance triathlon 2 weeks after that on Memorial Day in Austin (Capital of Texas Triathalon).


5:45am- Up and at ‘em. Kiss the wife. Swim 1 mile. Run 5 miles. S.S.S. Coffee.


Drop the boy at Kindergarten.


General technical architecture work nerdery sprinkled with a bit of multi-tasking on Fluther, Tumblr, RSS. Today’s Fluther target of choice: expressing my opinion that it’s pointless to use science to prove/disprove things which are, by defintion, unknowable as they exist outside what is measurable and definable (check it out).


Try the new Smash Burger joint. OMFG! Yummeh! Smash fries come with rosemary, garlic, and olive oil. Nom nom nom!  And reasonably priced!


Conference calls and related pretentious foppery. Help a guy who inadvertently wiped out part of his codebase with an ill-placed “>” character. Wife sent short grocery list.

Return a phone call to find out more about Chesapeake Energy’s desire to lease mineral rights from me for some property I have. There’s a lot of natual gas around here (Wiki: Barnett Shale). Of course, it goes to voicemail for the guy whose business card describes his job title simply as “Landman”. I despise phone tag.

Uncover a festering 5 year old program error affecting several customer implementations. Devise several fixes. Pick one. And then setup yet another conference call to decide how best to roll it out.


Stop and buy groceries from said list.


Put on the VFFs and make a quick 1 mile run. Trying to slowly work in some barefoot-like running to help reduce the potential of injury. Gosh, it’s hot in the sun already.

Sit down with the boy to continue construction of a Lego Droid Tri-Fighter he received for his birthday last week. Kinda dreading the next one: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Argue with the kids to eat all their dinner while discussing the day’s events.

Family card game: tonight it’s Dora the Explorer Crazy Eights.

Bath, teeth, stories, and bed for the kiddos.

Minimal cleaning and housework.

DVR- House, How I Met Your Mother, and Deadliest Catch on the couch. Brief interruption when my boss’ boss calls from the left coast wanting to suss out some techno-gobbledygook with me.

Debate baby names to no avail. Again. What’s so wrong with Roscoe, I asks ya. It’s a bold choice!

Kiss the wife. Head hits the pillow around 11:45.

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