Joe: Revisited

  • 830am: Lately I haven't been able to sleep much later then this, which sucks since I don't need to be up this early. I'm on the late shift this week so I can relax until 3pm. I start reading "Dream Team" on my tablet which happens to be the last thing I did the previous night.
  • 10am: After reading and checking Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. I finally get out of bed. I eat a couple pieces of blueberry bread for breakfast.
  • 1030am: Turn on the TV and start vegging out. Yesterday I did laundry and washed my car, so today I've pretty much got nothing to do.
  • 1130am: Seems like a good time to shower. I shower and shave.
  • 12pm: Good shower. Now its time to play Grabatron on my tablet because i love this game. I've also got the TV on in the background. Just chilling out.
  • 1pm: Shit! I missed Home Improvement! Oh well, I reheat some burgers from last night and eat lunch while watching TV.
  • 2pm: I get on the computer and start getting ready for work. One of the designers has been working on a redesign for the site I write for, so we share some ideas and I get a look at the progress so far. It looks good.
  • 3pm: Work time. I write about a rumored HTC phone called the "8X." Do some forum spam cleaning, and just browse the news.
  • 4pm: We're supposed to do our very first podcast today, but my partner is not answering IMs and I'm getting annoyed.
  • 5pm: Dinner time. Dad made a....casserole? I think. I will be snacking later for sure.
  • 6pm: Still no answer from my partner, though she appears online. This behavior is not new, and it's really frustrating me. So far I've written three articles today.
  • 630pm: Working on a wallpaper for my "Weekend Wallpaper" post I do every Saturday.
  • 7pm: Well, news is really slow so I think I'm going to go mobile. Packing up my laptop (and headset just in case podcast happens) and heading over to my GF's apartment to work.
  • 730pm: News is slow, so I take a break to play some Wii Fit with my GF. Now I am actually sweaty. Also, the Wii says I'm 33 years old. -_-
  • 9pm: Draft and schedule the Weekend Wallpaper post to go up tomorrow at noon. I've been trying all the Shock Top beers lately, so I pop open another Belgian White. It's nothing special. We've also been watching Honey I Shrunk the Kids while I'm working.
  • 10pm: Officially done with work, so now I can move from desk to couch. Ahhh.
  • 11pm: I make a sandwich at this time of night because I'm a boy. The movie ends, and I immediately IMDB the sequel because I'm trying to remember why they stuffed bananas down a kids mouth. Not much else to do here.
  • 1am: I leave my GFs apartment and go home to sleep. Thus ending another day in the exciting life of a tech blogger.

A Fluther Meet-Up

The following took place at Cedar Point, in Sandusky Ohio, on October 9th 2010. People: Allie, bluemukaki, J0E, kenmc, PnL, and shrubbery.

12am: Devi drove into a gas station to see if she had a flat tire, and she smelled gas in her car. No one saw anything wrong with her car and Devi got yelled at for blocking both sides of the gas station.

1230am: The girls stop at a grocery store, and tell the guys they can’t come inside. We assume they are buying “feminine hygiene products”.

1am: Arrived at Devi’s apartment. She casually warned us that our tires may be slashed in the night. This was very reassuring about the part of town we would be sleeping in. Once inside the apartment we tried our best not to look at the mess Devi warned us about, but that was impossible. We then starting clearing space in the living room for all of us to sleep. There was a large folding chair that proved to be a pain in the ass for Joe and Allie, but funny for everyone else, as they struggled to fit it through a doorway.

2am: After the sleeping arrangements were made, and beds laid out, the lights were turned out and a cake with candles was brought out for Joe’s birthday. Turns out they were not stopping for “feminine hygeine products” at the grocery store.

3am: After a couple people took showers, Devi we decided to play Cranium. The teams were Devi and Allie, Ali and Angus, Ken and Joe. After much discussion on the actual rules, some alleged cheating, hi-jinks, and laughter, Ken and Joe finally won at 4am. We finally went to sleep.

830am: Rise and shine in Jelly Land. After some showers were taken we all cursed Cranium for being stupid and keeping us up all night (Tweet, Tweet). Then we all feasted on Cheerios, eaten out of cups, and everyone told Joe how much they loved his choice of cereal.~ (Tweet)

930am: Went to Devi’s school to print out Cedar Point tickets for Ali and Angus. Devi and Angus fiddled with the printer, while Ken and Joe tried to see how far they could hit the ball out of the foosball table. In the end the printer won and we had to go to a different place to print the tickets (Tweet). From there we got in our cars and drove 2 hrs to Cedar Point.

12pm: Cedar Point! We finally arrived at the park, and as we walked through the gates we all watched Devi turn into an uber-adrenaline-coaster-junkie and tell us all the rides we were going to ride. Ali and Joe politely disagreed (Tweet).

(From this point out I’m not sure the exact times things occurred)

First we rode the Iron Dragon, everyone liked it. Devi was embarrassed it was the first ride she took us on. 

We then headed towards Maverick. Joe agreed to ride it if Ali did, and vica versa (Tweet). So we all got in line for 1 hour and thoroughly enjoyed the coaster. (I wont tell you about the part where the coaster rolled back and Ali asked to get off) (Tweet)

After that it was about 3 pm so we finally got lunch, we ate at Chick-fil-a. The food was good, and nothing funny happened.

On the way to bumper cars Joe stopped to do a 3 pt shooting game. Despite the encouragement from the rest of the gang he only made one shot. The prize was an iPad, so I think he did bad on purpose (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it!).

Bumper cars was next, we all bumped our cars together, I think that’s the general idea right? Allie got stuck in the corner for a while, so we all got some good hits on her. 

Then we headed towards Corksrew, but on the way there Allie, Devi, and Ken stopped at Power Tower. Ali, Angus, and Joe chilled out and did fun stuff like eat Australian candy, and find a bathroom. Allie misjudged how high Power Tower was and admittedly “freaked out” at the top.

Corskrew was next, and it was uneventful.

Allie, Joe, and Ken got in line for Gemini, while Ali, Angus, and Devi went to go get Ali her very first funnel cake, which also came with ice cream. They all enjoyed it immensely. Meanwhile on the Gemini, Joe and Ken rode the blue car, and Allie rode in the red car. Even though none of us had any way to determine the outcome of the race, Allie still let us know that her car won.

By that time it was starting to get cold, so Ali, Angus, and Devi went back to the car to get warmer clothes. Allie, Joe, and Ken waited patiently by daring eachother to lick pixie stick sugar off the ground. No one took the dare. When we all got back together we headed for the ferris wheel.

On the way to the ferris wheel Ali and Devi played a carnival game to try and win some giant stuffed toys. Unfortunately, no prizes were won. Devi walked away and mumbled “rigged!” after her attempt.

All six of us packed into one cart on the ferris wheel. Ali licked the hand rail while we waited in line. It was dark by this time, and the wind was getting chilly. Joe and Ken did impersonations of sassy women, snapping fingers and all. Devi kept wondering when the ride would go faster. Angus told us that in Australia ferris wheels are called “Alfred wheels”. They left us on the ride for almost 15 minutes until they graciously let us get off (Tweet).

Then we went and found Snoopy to take a group picture.

After that we went into a “Fright Zone”, which is pretty much a haunted house without the house. Nothing too scary at this first one, but there was a cool zombie spartan that Joe yelled “Sparta!!” at.

Next Allie, Devi, and Ken went to ride the Raptor, while Ali, Angus, and Joe went to seek out another haunted house. Both groups waited in line for over an hour. While in line for the haunted house, Ali, Angus, and Joe talked about Jellies and Ali wisely stated how “it feels like this is just another time hanging out with you guys” and she couldn’t have been more right. The haunted house was scary, and the Raptor was awesome. 

While Allie, Devi, and Ken waited for the other three they got some french fries. Allie and Devi both agreed they were really plain tasting, until genius Ken put salt and ketchup on them (Tweet).

Once we all met up again we headed through another “Fright Zone” on our way to a corn maze type haunted area. On the way there Allie lost her cool when a zombie came sliding at her, but then he wiped out so she felt better. Devi asked some zombies for directions…right after they jumped out and scared the rest of us.

We waited in line for the corn maze haunted house called “Cornstalkers” for over an hour. Once we got inside a corn person ambushed Ken and scared the bejeezus out of him. Then Ali broke away from the group because “Devi keeps pointing out all the spooks”. Allie, Joe, and Ken insisted that Devi lead because, as a med student, she is immune to fear. Joe was picked on by a spook dressed like Freddie Kruger when he stopped and told Joe “Michigan sucks”, and another one told Ali she had a nice sweater.

After that it was around midnight so we all headed back to the cars. After almost a half hour of putting off the inevitable, Joe and Ken had to leave. Hugs were given all around, and then Joe and Ken reluctantly departed (Tweet, Tweet).

And that concluded Saturday.

chels: A Day in the Life

  • 11.58am: Wake up to the sound of Bon Iver coming from Richard’s computer. skdjhfs! Cuddles!
  • 12.15: Grab my computer and start browsing the usual sites. (Fluther, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook.)
  • 12.40: Get up. Hop in the shower. La la la. I don’t like showers as much as I used to because now they just make my heart race. Stupid.
  • 13.00: Hang the laundry on the radiators to dry since the dryer is broken.
  • 13.16: Hop in Fluther Chat~
  • 13.19: Turn on my straightener and let it heat up while I put on some makeup.
  • 13.49: Finally finish doing my hair. Bleh, it’s hot. Finish make-up. Get dressed!
  • 14.10: Start cleaning up the kitchen which consists of unloading/loading/running the dishwasher, hand-washing some things, cleaning the stove and counters. All while listening to Cut Copy.
  • 14.16: Kitchen is clean.. Time to make the bed. For some reason it makes me really uneasy if the bed is unmade. Wonder if I’m weird.. Hm…
  • 14.33: Watch Richard dance as he does his hair.. Oh man. Massive lols ensue.
  • 14.40: Get shoes and coat on, grab purse. Leave for Gourmet Burger Kitchen.
  • 14.48: Richard says I should bring the umbrella. I proceed to tell him I asked him a bit earlier if I should and he said “No.” He doesn’t remember saying that.. of course. Silly. ..Leave for real this time..
  • 15.12: Yay. @GBK. I. Am. Hungry.
  • 15.20: Richard orders the food - Marinated Olives, weird Polenta Chip things (neither of us could decide if we liked or hated them. They were seriously weird), avocado bacon burger for him, small cheeseburger for me, and chips with mayo on the side.
  • 17.04: Back home. Richard asks me if I “fancy” putting the groceries away. I say yes. (To be honest I kind of can’t refuse when he uses the word “fancy”. Way too cute.)
  • 17.09: Time to surf the internet.. again. Also working on some HTML/CSS. Being productive is nice.
  • 17.14: Richard is meowing at me. Yes, meowing.
  • 17.30: Cuddling on the bed followed by playing “tunes” using Richard’s finger and my teeth. (God we’re awesome. We did Happy Birthday, Mary Had A Little Lamb, Twinkle Twinkle and I think that’s it?)
  • 18.00: Started downloading Maple Story. Sat around in Fluther chat, on STFU, and just browsing the internet until it finishes…
  • 22.00: Still waiting for MS to download. Listening to Richard talk. This download seriously needs to finish… *twiddles thumbs*..
  • 23.11: …MS finally finishes downloading. Time to play.
  • 0.00: Talking to Jake on AIM. Richard and I hungry so we should probably eat something. Trying to figure out what to make, however Richards responses make me less productive and just make me laugh.
  • 0.50: Decide on pizza. Preheat the oven and get a glass of apple juice. Richard has me feed it to him, as I proceed to put the glass down he says “more”. Oh man.
  • 1.36: PIZZA IS READY. nom nom nom nom.
  • 1.50: Richard helps me with some html/css stuff and the site loads much faster. Isn’t he wonderful!
  • 2.26: Head to the bedroom and into bed. Hang around Fluther, talk to Jake some more, trying to give my friend Lisa advice, while Richard is passing out. Playing around on STFU.
  • 5.18: The sun is coming up. Open the window because it’s super hot. Hop in bed. ‘Night!

robmandu: A Day in the Life


It’s May in Texas. Starting to warm up nicely. My wife and I have our third baby due in 2 weeks. And I’ve got an olympic-distance triathlon 2 weeks after that on Memorial Day in Austin (Capital of Texas Triathalon).


5:45am- Up and at ‘em. Kiss the wife. Swim 1 mile. Run 5 miles. S.S.S. Coffee.


Drop the boy at Kindergarten.


General technical architecture work nerdery sprinkled with a bit of multi-tasking on Fluther, Tumblr, RSS. Today’s Fluther target of choice: expressing my opinion that it’s pointless to use science to prove/disprove things which are, by defintion, unknowable as they exist outside what is measurable and definable (check it out).


Try the new Smash Burger joint. OMFG! Yummeh! Smash fries come with rosemary, garlic, and olive oil. Nom nom nom!  And reasonably priced!


Conference calls and related pretentious foppery. Help a guy who inadvertently wiped out part of his codebase with an ill-placed “>” character. Wife sent short grocery list.

Return a phone call to find out more about Chesapeake Energy’s desire to lease mineral rights from me for some property I have. There’s a lot of natual gas around here (Wiki: Barnett Shale). Of course, it goes to voicemail for the guy whose business card describes his job title simply as “Landman”. I despise phone tag.

Uncover a festering 5 year old program error affecting several customer implementations. Devise several fixes. Pick one. And then setup yet another conference call to decide how best to roll it out.


Stop and buy groceries from said list.


Put on the VFFs and make a quick 1 mile run. Trying to slowly work in some barefoot-like running to help reduce the potential of injury. Gosh, it’s hot in the sun already.

Sit down with the boy to continue construction of a Lego Droid Tri-Fighter he received for his birthday last week. Kinda dreading the next one: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Argue with the kids to eat all their dinner while discussing the day’s events.

Family card game: tonight it’s Dora the Explorer Crazy Eights.

Bath, teeth, stories, and bed for the kiddos.

Minimal cleaning and housework.

DVR- House, How I Met Your Mother, and Deadliest Catch on the couch. Brief interruption when my boss’ boss calls from the left coast wanting to suss out some techno-gobbledygook with me.

Debate baby names to no avail. Again. What’s so wrong with Roscoe, I asks ya. It’s a bold choice!

Kiss the wife. Head hits the pillow around 11:45.

PnL (Devi): An EPIC Day in the Life

  • 7.00am: First alarm rings. The clock is across the room, I get up sleepily, trudge through the obstacle course that is currently my room (it’s due for a cleaning, I know) and turn it off. I then quickly flop back on my bed.
  • 7.15: Second alarm rings. It’s just my cell phone next to me. My alarm system needs help. The idea is that normally I should be up by the first alarm, but just in case I fall back asleep, I have the second alarm telling me “you really have to wake up NOW or you’ll be late.” Unfortunately, even on days that I am reasonably awake I lack the discipline to just wake up after the first alarm, so I always go back to sleep till the second one.
  • 7.20: Finally wake up and get out of bed. The first clear thought in my brain is “scissors.” That’s because last night, before going to bed, I got an email reminding me to bring a pair of scissors to school for our blanket making event and I had decided I’ll put them in my backpack in the morning. So I guess the” you’ll remember the last thing you think of before bed” idea is true?
  • 7.40: Done with shower and bathroom stuff. I absolutely must shower before stepping out in the morning. I just feel gross if I don’t. Also, I am so much more awake after a shower that the necessity is undeniable.
  • 7.48: About to step out the door when EEEEEEK scissors!!!! I rush back upstairs and grab a pair to put in my purse.
  • 7.50: Out of the door. I’ve grabbed my to go breakfast – granola bars and am driving to school. The drive from my house to school is 7 minutes. I can usually make it even faster. But TODAY is not a good morning. There’s this truck in front of me that is going painfully slow. The speed limit is 45, and he was going 40 (though to be fair, even if he was going 45 I probably wouldn’t be happy since I go 60 on that road). There was another truck in front of him, and it’s a two lane local road so passing is not an option. My blood pressure is building due to my impatience, so to calm myself I focus on the back of the truck which has to two nuts/bolts that look like eyes and then a random line below them that kind of looks like a mouth. It was smiling at me! I just stared at the smile until I got to school (don’t judge me for my weird imagination, it’s not like I imagined it was a unicorn or something).
  • 7.57: Reached school! And I got a wonderful parking spot. YAY! I head straight to class since it’s about to begin. Our current course is Brain, Mind and Behavior. Today we learned about the Diencephalon. Put really simply, it’s a region of your brain, except we learn about it in excruciating detail. Normally we have class daily from 8 to 12, but this week is a bit different in that we only have one hour of class in the morning, which is then followed by three hours of lab.
  • 8.50: Done with class, everyone makes their way towards lab. We spend an hour and a half looking at myelin stained parts of the brain on the virtual microscope and then another hour going over the actual brain and spinal cord. I have to say, the human brain is so cool and fascinating! I still don’t want to learn what every freaking bump (gyrus) on it is called (they really do have a name for everything), but it still never ceases to amaze me just how perfectly it is designed. Most of the time we are looking at brains that have already been taken out of the cadavers (in fact, we did that during anatomy last year, they then “fixed” the brain with chemicals and prepared it for this class) but there is one exception on the demo table which is simply amazing in my opinion. That’s because it is a dissection of a man’s face with the skin still on. The skull is removed from the sides, but a small part is left remaining on the top. The face is kept in a jar of all sorts of good saline solution (or whatever preservatives they use) and to take it out of the jar, you lift it up from that thin sagittal slice of skull that is still remaining. So you can see all the dural folds and notches on the inside of the skull, while the face is still there! It’s hard to explain, but it kind of reminds me of the movies, and did I mention it’s awesome? I’ll try to keep the geek talk to a minimum from now, sorry. On a lighter note, I am always so hungry when in lab because I don’t really eat breakfast since I’d rather spend that extra time sleeping. My lab partners were trying to convince me that it doesn’t take that long to eat a bowl of cereal, so I was explaining that it does take quite a while, because first you put it in the microwave and then,—but they didn’t let me finish. Right away they all asked in an incredulous unison “You heat your cereal???!?” Hmph. Of course I do. I don’t like cold milk. It tastes gross. The rest of the time was spent mocking me for my methods and so I’ll spare you all that conversation.
  • 11.30: Head to café for lunch with lab group (there are 6 of us). I chose chicken cacciatore with broccoli and cheese. The sauce that the chicken was in was amazing, but the chicken piece itself was big and cut weird and I didn’t know how to approach it. The broccoli is an anomaly for me, but since the TA in lab used it as an analogy to a structure in the brain called flocculus, I decided to eat some in honor of that. That, by the way, is not at all uncommon. Throughout anatomy, many structures of the body were used in analogy with daily food items so that we can remember them better. Some students were grossed out by that and had to stop eating those items for a while (fat in our body looks like egg yolk, I swear …and cheese pizza at times). I personally couldn’t care less.
  • 12.00pm: Go to blanket making event. We made several fleece blankets that were then donated to the kids admitted in the children’s hospital nearby.
  • 2.00: Finally done with blanket making (I learned a new skill today!) and so I get a study room and sit down to study only to be interrupted by a friend that wanted to vent about her life. Listened till 4 pm when my friend came over to review more brain stuff. Go to lab.
  • 5.00: I realize I am also supposed to be at a procedure workshop tonight, but since I haven’t figured out a way to cut myself in half and send one half to each event just yet, I call the head of the workshop and tell her I can’t make it. Head over to school library to discuss our upcoming food throwdown event (it’s loosely based on Iron chef, I think). I agree to ask the nearby Chipotle manager if he will donate a gift card for the event.
  • 6.00: Leave school to pick up dinner for the 6:30 event. We had ordered Arabic food. The owner of the place is really friendly and while I was waiting for my order, the Arabic customers there asked me if I was Arabic. Apparently I have one of those faces that can be construed as Middle Eastern or South East Asian.
  • 6.45: I know I know. Event was supposed to start at 6:30 but there was traffic! We quickly serve food (spinach/beef pita sandwiches, falafel, baklava etc), and then watch a 90 min documentary of camps around the world that take care of kids with AIDS. The documentary is called Tiny Tears. I thought it was good but should have been a little shorter. After the third country, we get the picture and its just repetition. Plus we try to make all medical school events an hour max because students are busy and antsy about spending more time since they need to study. Since I am extremely involved in many organizations at school, and also in charge of publicity, it makes me mad when an event runs longer because that just means it’s going to be harder to get people to attend the next time
  • 8.00: Movie is over. A few friends tease me about how it’s practically bedtime now and they can’t study anymore (since it ran so long). Ha. Ha. A few friends call and ask me to go watch the new movie How to train a dragon with them, but since I’ve gotten essentially nothing productive done all day (study wise), I say no. It’s too bad because Monday nights, the local theatre only charges 5$ and gives free popcorn! What a great deal!
  • 9.00: FINALLY leaving school. Ugh. I’ve been here for 13 hours now. Go to friend’s house nearby to borrow some neuroanatomy books needed for this course but I end up staying till 1030 since I am really close to her and her 4 roommates (we go way back) and so whenever we get together, we just end up chatting. Knowing second year medical students is really helpful also because my close friends just let me borrow their book for the course (one course is usually about 7 weeks) and so I save a lot of money that would otherwise go into buying them.
  • 10.45: Reach home, completely exhausted. I feel really bad because I got no studying done. For the umpteenth time I tell myself how I need to cut back on the extracurricular or I’m going to fail one day soon (the reason I haven’t yet are the sleepless nights where I play catch up, medical school is not easy, guys). Roommate comes home, we catch up on each other’s day. I go to my room ready to sleep but a few people IM me with some important topics and end up staying up till much later.
  • 1.30am: Go to sleep. I have to say, no one sleeps better than a medical student. Insomnia? What is that? I am always so tired and so sleep deprived that as soon as my head hits the pillow, I’m out. Seriously. Never do I remember even being awake for a few seconds while lying down. I’m out and ready to start the madness again tomorrow.